• Deliver optimal nutrition for your baby, including high doses of key nutrients such as Folic Acid, Iron and Calcium to help prevent neural tube defects, anaemia, and support your baby’s development of red blood cells and bone strength
  • Replenish crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the mother’s body that get used up during pregnancy and nursing to ensure both mother and baby stay healthy.
  • True “Once-Daily” Supplement. Many “one-a-day” supplements are misleading, and you end up having to take 6 or 7 pills at a time. With Complete Prenatal you only need to take one pill per day to get everything you and your baby need.
  • Complete Prenatal gives your baby a critical boost of natural ingredients by delivering SAFE and HIGHER than average levels of folic acid, iron and calcium, all of which are crucial for the healthy development of your baby’s heart, spine and brain
  • SAFE, research-based nutrition, backed by a no quibble money back guarantee… means you can confidently invest in a 3 month supply and protect yourself against any nutritional deficiencies
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About Prenatal Vitamins

Complete Prenatal: Essential Nutritional Support For You And Your Baby 

Pinnacle Nutrition’s Complete Prenatal is safe, research-based and specially formulated to supplement any deficiencies in the mother’s diet. As a baby moves through the critical early stages of development it is essential that the mother has the correct supplementation to provide key nutrients. 

Complete Prenatal contains numerous vitamins and minerals and higher than average-but absolutely safe-doses of these most important nutrients: 

-Folic acid: Helps prevent neural tube defects. These defects manifest as abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord such as spina bifida, leading to mental retardation, paralysis and exposed or damaged nerves. 

-Iron: Supports the baby’s growth and development by helping blood carry oxygen. Healthy levels of iron are also a key factor in preventing anaemia. 

-Calcium: A crucial nutrient for the mother during her pregnancy because it can help prevent her from losing her own bone density as the baby uses the mineral for bone growth, particularly during the third trimester, when a baby’s bones are rapidly growing and strengthening. 

Complete Prenatal is specifically designed to deliver a powerful dose of daily nutrition as a simple once-a-day pill so the mother can be confident she is getting the recommended amounts of key vitamins & minerals. 

Complete Prenatal comes as a 90-day supply. Like with all of their supplements, Pinnacle Nutrition covers it with an unconditional money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason you get every cent back, even if you used the entire supplement!

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