One of the biggest and most overlooked sources of health is our gut health. Doctors are only now realizing how essential having a healthy gut is to an overall healthy functioning body. Gut health has been linked to multiple autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s, celiac disease, and even depression.

Doctors are only now realizing how essential having a healthy gut is to an overall healthy functioning body.

The link between gut health and the overall health of the body has been getting some serious attention by researchers as well. Researchers are now realizing that since certain diseases are actually linked to the gut, if the gut can be cured, than so could the disease.

I’m sure you are wondering, how you can keep a healthy gut so you won’t have to deal with these diseases. Well, one of the biggest contributing factors of a healthy gut is the foods we choose to eat or not eat.

So what exactly is the “gut” and what does it do? Your gut (small and large intestines) holds trillions of bacteria that help you process the nutrients from the food you eat. Your gut also helps in fighting off diseases. Your gut has both good and bad bacteria and it’s an on-going battle in your body to keep the good and the bad bacteria in balance. The good bacteria help you digest food, create antibodies, absorb vitamins and minerals, and balance the bad bacteria. But if the bad bacteria are allowed to take over through antibiotics, environmental toxins, stress, illness, and a poor diet, you can start to develop health issues such as candida, allergies, arthritis, migraines, depression and anxiety, and autoimmune diseases.

How can you keep your gut healthy? Here are 3 easy ways to keep your gut bacteria in balance.

  1. Eat Healthy Real Food

Eat a variety of high-fiber plant foods every day. This includes organic fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Also, eat probiotic foods like yogurt, kombucha, and kefir.

  1. Steer Clear of Antibiotics (unless prescribed by your doctor).

Doctors are only now realizing how essential having a healthy gut is to an overall healthy functioning body.

Antibiotics kill the bacteria in the body. Unfortunately, this means both the good and bad bacteria is killed. This gives the bad bacteria a chance to take over as the bacteria colonies are re-established. This is why it’s so important to also do the next tip, especially when on antibiotics.

  1. Repopulate Gut Flora with Probiotics

Probiotics are filled with good bacteria that help replenish your gut for optimal health. Probiotics should be taken daily, even if you feel like you are in good health. Maybe you have heard that the health of your immune system is based on your gut. Keep the healthy bacteria strong and thriving and by doing so, you are less likely to get sick.

What do you do if you suspect your gut health is out of balance?

If you suspect that you may be having gut health issues you may want to following the GAPS diet or other autoimmune protocol as well as adding bone broth into your diet for a few months to help heal the gut.