You worked a little extra harder in the gym yesterday, or maybe you did a ton of yard work. But now your body is killing you and your joints feel terrible. Use these easy natural remedies to find joint relief making you feel better and prevent future pain.
Find Joint Relief using these easy natural remedies to promote joint health. Bring down swelling and prevent future joint pain.Foam Roller

Give yourself a massage with a foam roller. Foam rollers help release knots and tension in your muscle and tissues. Our bodies get tight from overuse and when that happens, knots, tight tissue, and muscles can pull on your joints. This can cause increased tension and soreness of your joints. By foam rolling you release and soften up this tissue which can help with joint relief.

Increase Water

Think of your joint cartilage like a sponge. If you’re dehydrated, your joints are going to have a difficult time moving against each other than when properly hydrated and lubricated. Water also helps shuttle the good vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to our entire body as well as remove the bad toxins and free radicals. Today most of our go-to drinks are diuretics, making us lose more water in our bodies. Drink water!

Joint Supplement

Glucosamine and Chondroitin which are present in Pinnacle Nutrition Joint Supplement are a natural substances produced by the body. Glucosamine helps promote and stimulate cartilage production in the body’s joints while chondroitin. Helps attract water to the cartilage tissue to help keep it elastic.

Find Joint Relief using these easy natural remedies to promote joint health. Bring down swelling and prevent future joint pain.

Hot Yoga

Just like foam rolling, hot yoga allows your body to relax and the heat allows your body to stretch and release its tension. Remember, your body can tense up, tighten, and this can cause your muscles and tissues to pull on your joints causing pain, from overuse.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known for its anti-inflammatory elements and can naturally help alleviate pain by reducing the swelling around the joints giving you joint relief.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. Found in our skin, bones, muscles, and tendons. Collagen is what holds our bodies together. Collagen is a long strand protein and when broken down becomes the building blocks for our body. Taking a collagen supplement can help promote healthy joints and bones.

Bone Broth

Just like Joint Supplements, Bone Broth is loaded with Glucosamine (Glycosaminoglycans). This forms joint cartilage and prevents the breakdown of cartilage.